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Gary W. Shults, DDS

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Reliable Cosmetic Dentures

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry, denture clinic or general dentistry service solutions, look no further than Gary W. Shults, DDS. We have been the top choice for our clients in San Antonio and nearby areas since 1991. We also specialize in providing exceptional dental implantation.

We understand that the needs of every patient are unique; hence, we take you through options and develop a personalized treatment plan. We are always happy to help you and your family with all of your dental needs. We provide adult orthodontics that helps to straighten your crooked teeth. Our "6 month smiles" procedure gives adults straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Call us at (210) 236-6166 to learn more.

Why Choose Gary W. Shults, DDS?

  • 25 Years in Business
  • Courteous Staff
  • Prompt and Reliable Services
  • Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals
  • 6 Month Smiles - Adult Orthodontics
Dentures Are $995 per Set
Prices May Vary Slightly According to Materials Used on Individuals

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